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i'm claiming temporary insanity

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first post nuccas!!

so this is how us gangstahs roll, only we know what this is about.

nice. i like it like that. no one can get in. HA.ok

but, yea since we all come home this week ( or i think we all come home this week), we should have the first offical retards day out of summer '05. yes. i think we should.

becasue only we do it like that. we only roll like true gangstahs roll. the streets of shoalin watch out becasue here we come...

signing out
the one and only
margi straight out of DC
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does this mean i'm really a gangsta?
because i've kinda been trying for a while now..
we are not gangstas. we are gangstahs. big diffrence hun.


but yea we are true gangstahs!
i'm sorry i dont know this term gangstahs, i live in princeton now.
but yeah so being one!!!
lol instead of straight out of DC, it should be the OC for me(come here and you'll see what i mean)
yeah that wasnt funny at all.
yay for procrastination!

stephie i miss you soo much.

my birthday buddy!!!

dude. we are gonna live it up fully.
haa i miss you too
we're gunna live it up???
are you thinking what i'm thinking???
*pulls out a carton of eggs*
no...im thinking shaving cream and socks...aiming direclty at people....

but eggs will do as well!
no we are gangsters!
lol i dont think im cool enough to be a gangster
no thats why wer are gangstahs!